A Denver area woman convicted of conning family, friends and coworkers out of money by faking to have cancer is facing prison time and ten years of intensive probation.  The woman performed the nearly four year long ruse in order to bilk upwards of sixty thousand dollars out of people in order to support a prescription drug habit.

Those who were taken in by the very convincing and very alarming cancer ruse included not only fellow churchgoers and coworkers but close family friends and even the woman’s husband.  Also included among those duped by the woman was a coworker who was actually suffering from cancer.  As a result of the elaborate hoax the woman will spend three months behind bars and then ten full years under the very close observation of court imposed probation. While this is certainly an extreme case that involves many different variables, any case that involves fraud in order to coerce money out of unsuspecting individuals can result in the possibility of very serious penalties.

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