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Child Support Collected From Oil Spill Fund

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services collected nearly $19,000 in unpaid child support from a $20 billion claim fund established by BP to compensate victims of the April 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. According to NewsOK, Child Support Services officials compiled a list of 22,000 noncustodial parents who reportedly earned income in the Gulf region and had a connection to BP. In November, the officials issued subpoenas for each case ... Read More

Casinos Block Payouts to Gamblers Owing Child Support

A recent Evansville Courier and Press story stated that the state of Indiana began implementing a mandatory intercept program that would block casino jackpot payouts to gamblers who were delinquent on child support payments. Operators from the state's 13 casinos have withheld $650,000 from 376 people since the program began in 2010. According to the deputy director of the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS), 16 gamblers paid off their chil... Read More

Is an Annulment Right for You?

Marriage is very serious commitment that no one should enter into lightly, but despite that fact the marriage success rate in Colorado and around the country continues to be relatively low for a wide variety of reasons. Some who enter into a union prior to realizing that it might not be the best idea would rather seek out an annulment rather than dealing with the stigmata associated with having been divorced. While having a marriage annulled m... Read More

Living Trusts: Some False Claims You Should Watch Out For

The decision to get a living trust stems from the desire to protect your assets and ensure your beneficiaries are well provided for when you are no longer able to provide for them. When looking for an estate planning attorney or trust company, you need to be careful not to be swayed by certain false claims these individuals may make. Exaggerated claims about probate costs. Some companies or attorneys inflate probate costs and exaggerate how ... Read More

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