Castle Rock drug crime attorneys know that trafficking charges require a skilled an experienced defense team.

Rather than your average Castle Rock drug crime defense, these cases can be complex, involving intelligent operations spear-headed by networks of individuals who operate underground.

Law enforcement at all levels expend a great deal of resources in trying to penetrate these networks and make arrests. It makes them look good. The penalties for these crimes are also much more serious than what you are going to see with a lower-level, possession-type offense.

That was illustrated in a recent case out of Denver, in which a federal judge sentenced the 43-year-old defendant to 22-plus years behind bars. He was suspected to be a Mexican cartel kingpin who oversaw a $1 billion cocaine-selling operation that cast a web in eight states.

The U.S. District Judge condemned the defendant by saying he was a clear and present danger to U.S. citizens.

According to authorities, the bulk of these alleged crimes occurred between 2002 and 2003. The defendant reportedly had a storage center at a ranch here in Colorado, from which he distributed large quantities of cocaine that eventually made their way to New York, Georgia, Illinois and five other states.

Ultimately, it was an anonymous tip that led to the shut-down of the operation, headed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

The main defendant and his brother were among nearly 30 others who were indicted in a Denver court way back in 2003. However, he wasn’t arrested until 2006, when authorities caught up with him in Mexico and had him extradited.

Two years ago, the kingpin’s brother was sentenced to more than two decades in prison, having been convicted of smuggling in huge quantities of the white powder from Mexico to the U.S.

Then last year, the kingpin pleaded guilty in 2011 to charges of money laundering and drug trafficking. His sentencing has only now been handed down.

Considering he was considered one of the top drug dealers in the world at the height of his operation, his sentence could have been much more severe. However, he reportedly provided a great deal of assistance to authorities will in custody, awaiting sentencing.

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