It seems simple enough. You drink, you get behind the wheel of a car, you get pulled over, you take a field sobriety test and you get charged with a DUI. It happens every day in Colorado, but even more so during the holidays. What you might not realize, is that the reports police officers write may contain inaccuracies.

Such was the case with eight DUI cases that were recently dismissed after internal investigations prompted the dismissals earlier this month in Mesa County. More dropped cases are expected as attorneys review the cases involving a particular now ex-police officer that was dismissed on December 1st due to “displayed bias” in situations where the officer was the sole witness on the scene of a DUI.

The vast majority of officers making our roadways safe are credible, and report details exactly as happened. However, it’s worth looking at the report to see if discrepancies exist. If they do, and you have not yet contacted an attorney, you should do so right away.

In some of these cases, on dash cameras will clearly show the inaccuracies, in other cases it may be the word of an intoxicated driver versus the credibility of the police. Regardless, your chance of receiving reduced penalties is significantly higher when you are represented by an experienced Colorado DUI attorney.

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