The New Year isn’t off to a good start for a Douglas County Sherriff’s Office Deputy, who was arrested for a DUI just before lunch on January 1st. The deputy has been a member of the Special Operations Response Team, which responds to disturbances at the local jail.

This was no small incident either. The Denver Post reported that the off-duty deputy braked abruptly in his Ford Escape on northbound Interstate 25. The quick stop caused two vehicles to crash into the Escape, and caused another three-car pile up as people tried to avoid the accident.

Luckily, the four people injured were treated for minor injuries only. The deputy was arrested and charged with a DUI, careless driving and for failing a Breathalyzer at the scene.

The Douglas County Sherriff’s Office spokesperson suggested that an internal investigation would be conducted, and the Castle Rock police are handling the main investigation. The deputy is on administrative leave without pay for the time being.

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