Talk about Bad Luck! Longview Man Plows Police

Sometimes you hear about an alleged drunk driving accident wherein nobody got hurt, that just reeks of bad luck to the point where even though you know the poor guy on the receiving end was entirely in the wrong, you can’t help but feel just a little bad for him.  Even a Denver DUI attorney has to get a chuckle out of such stories.  In fact, just such a thing happened on November 8 outside of a Longview, CO, bar.

A man had allegedly been evicted (“with difficulty,” according to bar owners) from the bar after a night of heavy drinking.  He got into his car-never a good idea when you’ve been drinking-and left the bar, driving at about 10 miles per hour.

When police tried to engage the man to make him pull over, one pulled up behind him and one in front.  Instead of pulling over, he drove his car directly into one of the police vehicles”¦and then backed up and hit the one behind him!

If there were a portrait of how to make a bad situation worse, this would be it. This is a guy who sorely needs to obtain the services of a good dui lawyer, because there’s going to be consequences far beyond your usual driving while intoxicated conviction, if indeed he is found guilty of said charge.

In fact, things get worse for the driver, whose name has not been released. Police have said that he is an habitual offender, with over twenty-five past violations, as well as current restrictions on his license.

Drunk driving, of course, is no laughing matter, but when something like this happens, there’s so much bad luck involved (along with bad judgment) that one can’t help feel just a bit of pity for the alleged offender.

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