So as you might imagine, Denver criminal law attorneys have to defend more than our fair share of assault cases, ranging from parking lot fist fights to attempted robberies, to domestic violence cases. Assault is probably one of the most frequent forms of criminal charge levied-there are dozens if not hundreds of assault charges filed across the country every day. This is partially because we as a country have become hypersensitive to the idea of one-on-one violence, but the point is-attorneys see a lot of different kinds of assault charges and criminal law trial lawyers deal with some very crazy laws.

One thing that attorneys don’t get to see very often, however, is a real-life vampire attack.

On November 7, a woman allegedly walked into a convenience store and bit a customer and a clerk on the neck. Now Denver police are looking for the woman, who will likely find herself in need of a criminal law attorney pretty soon. Surveillance footage is available of the woman, who apparently left the store with a man driving a red sedan after the two attacks.

Denver crime stoppers is involved with the case as well, and is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the woman’s capture.

As to the woman’s motive, that has yet to be established, but it’s not a stretch to say it is highly unlikely that she was after their blood to slake her undead thirst. After all, don’t vampires only come out on Halloween?

It is interesting to note that the woman is said to have groped the customer she bit, and to have bitten the clerk after requesting a hug. Vampirism has become a fairly common sexual fetish over the past twenty years or so; is it possible the attacks were an effort to fulfill this fetish?

Or maybe the guy in the car just dared her to do it.

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