Celebrity heiress Kim Kardashian is now saying that she wants her all-too-public whirlwind marriage and divorce to and from Kris Humphries kept off of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and other reality television series, saying that she doesn’t feel her marital strife should be “fodder” for such things. It would seem obvious that her lawyers probably feel the same way—it has to be difficult for any qualified family and divorce law attorney to keep control of a divorce case when the rumors, facts, and mudslinging are all over the media.

Unfortunately, it seems highly unlikely that Kardashian’s wishes are going to come to fruition, short of a court order forbidding their inclusion on television, and such orders could be difficult to enforce given the sheer amount of media coverage the Kardashians get.

Such a control issue is a nightmare for even the most qualified Colorado divorce attorney to have, and despite the notoriety and financial windfall that Kardashian’s attorneys must be enjoying from this split, one has to wonder if it’s really worth it, in the end.

Divorce is never a subject of which one should make light, but sometimes one has to wonder what a couple was thinking, particularly when considering the personal and financial difficulties that come with divorce battles and settlements. Kardashian’s marriage lasted a grand total of seventy-two days. That’s an exceptionally short time for a marriage to blossom and fall apart—were there not signs before the exchange of vows that this relationship wouldn’t work out?

Kardashian herself acknowledges the difficulties of the split in her current statements, saying she doesn’t want this painful time to play out for all the world to see. She has said the divorce will be acknowledged with the show’s filming for next season, but that she won’t have the divorce proceedings play out for everyone’s eyes.

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