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Felonies Faced by Juveniles Mulled by Lawmakers

Far too many children are being convicted of adult felony crimes in Castle Rock and throughout the state. That's according to Colorado lawmakers who want to make it tougher for prosecutors to "direct file" juveniles as adults at their own discretion. Our Castle Rock felony defense attorneys have seen firsthand cases in which overzealous prosecutors have unfairly filed adult charges on young teens, leaving them vulnerable to the possibilit... Read More

Denver Marijuana DUI Laws Debated

Lawmakers are mulling over a Denver marijuana DUI statutes might require some revisions. Our Denver marijuana DUI defense attorneys are not in favor of any measure that impedes on the right of patients to use marijuana for medical ailments. According to The Associated Press, a bill is being debated that would render someone impaired if they test positive for more than 5 nanograms of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. A nanogram is ... Read More

Juvenile Offenses And The Justice System

People may often times remember their youth as a troubling period where they made many mistakes. There are a number of individuals that believe this age group has the ability to be rehabilitated and set on the right path. This will help them avoid a life of crime and one in jail. Since juvenile delinquency is a complex area, those who are involved with the legal aspects try to balance both the needs of the youth with the public’s needs for puni... Read More

Medical Marijuana Backers Up in Arms over New Federal Memo

The Federal government has been supporting medical marijuana, but a new memo has the proponents of medical marijuana angry. The memo by Deputy Attorney General James Cole says the federal government may prosecute large scale growers of marijuana, even if they are in compliance with local laws. This would seem to contradict other publications by the administration on the subject. With Colorado implementing strong measures that also have been criti... Read More

Two Arrested in an Attempted Burglary

Two suspects who were chased by a homeowner were taken into custody last week by the Weld county sheriff's office after they were spotted trying to break into an out building in a Weld county neighborhood. A neighbor phoned the police and followed the men as they drove away. They are charged with suspicion of attempted burglary. The crime may not be the kind that leads to a news flash on television, but it is the type of charge that a Colorado cr... Read More

No Suspect Apprehended in Stabbing of a Seventeen Year Old over the Holiday Weekend

There has been a stabbing in east Greeley that may or may not be gang related. The Greeley Tribune reports that the July 3rd Sunday stabbing of the youngster led to the finding of the getaway car, but little else. A policeman interviewed by the paper broached the possibility that it may be gang related. This kind of speculation may be based on the officer's experience, but sometimes speculation can lead investigators to seek the wrong individuals... Read More

Judge Finds Probable Cause Against a Greeley police Officer

A judge has found probable cause to have a trial in the sexual assault trial of a police officer charged with groping a female driver he had stopped. The story in the Tribune also said the officer changed his story about not stopping the driver at all, when GPS records for his vehicle placed him at the site of the incident. This is just some of the procedures that the state and attorney for the defense go through in our criminal justice system. I... Read More

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