A St. Cloud police officer was charged with domestic stalking, according to a recent Orlando Sentinel story. The officer, who was going through a divorce from his wife, was arrested after police received a complaint that he made threats against his estranged wife. The officer’s estranged wife told deputies that he made threats via repeated text messages and 30 to 40 phone calls within a 90-minute time frame.

She also accused the officer of previous acts of domestic violence such as striking her when she was pregnant, throwing her against the side of their house and forcing her to pull the trigger of his police sidearm while the barrel was in his mouth. The officer denies the domestic violence allegations but confessed to sending the text messages.

The officer was a four-year veteran of the police department and considered a “stellar” office. He was planning to quit his job to move to New England. He remains in the Osceola County Jail without bail.

Had this happened in Colorado, the officer would be looking at a Class 5 felony charge if it was his first offense. The charge would be upgraded to a Class 4 if he was under a restraining order for domestic violence. His Colorado criminal defense attorney would advise him of his rights under the law and ensure that he is treated fairly. A judge may take into consideration his prior service as an officer of the law, but it may do little to convince him to be lenient. An officer of the law knows better than anyone that laws are to be upheld, not broken. A Colorado criminal defense attorney in this case might be able to get his charges reduced, but he would still have to pay for his crime.

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