An Arizona police officer who heard screams for help coming from a passing vehicle is credited for stopping a kidnapping, which resulted in an arrest. A recent KPHO Channel 5 story reported that the 32-year-old suspect was charged with kidnapping, threatening and intimidating, aggravated assault and theft.

According to police, the suspect forced his live-in girlfriend into a car on the 500 block of Ray Road in Chandler, Arizona. Chandler patrol officers were given a description of the suspect and the vehicle. Statewide agencies, including Border Patrol, were immediately dispatched. An hour later, a patrol officer saw the car drive by his location. He heard the female passenger yelling and immediately pulled the vehicle over. The driver, the suspect, told the officer he was going back to the woman’s home.

The officer arrested the driver, and paramedics treated the woman for injuries she sustained during the ordeal. According to a Chandler police detective, the suspect drove the woman throughout the city, threatening to kill her the entire time. He also stopped the vehicle at one point and ordered her to get out. She obeyed and then knelt down and begged for her life, according to the detective.

The suspect in this case would be facing Class 1 felony kidnapping charges if the crime had taken place in Colorado, mainly because the victim suffered bodily injury while being forcibly taken against her will. The punishment for kidnapping in the first degree is life in prison or the death penalty. If you stand accused, a Colorado criminal defense attorney can explain Colorado’s kidnapping laws to you in greater detail. He can also evaluate your case to see if there is any chance of a reduced sentence.

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