Highly organized teams of thieves enter retail stores and grabbing insanely large amounts of everyday goods in order to fund criminal activity.  The shoplifters pilfer desirable and useful items like baby formula an OTC pain relievers and then sell them for fast cash over the internet.  The groups are hitting major retailers throughout Colorado and experts estimate that the activity is costing stores across the country more thirty five billion dollars each year.

These criminals have literally taken the crime of shoplifting to an entirely new level and if they get caught they should expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Many people feel as though shoplifting isn’t a very serious crime, but theft in any form can result in serious consequences.

Depending upon the type of item or the value of the item stolen a shoplifting charge can carry some highly undesirable possible penalties.  If you are facing shoplifting or theft charges in the state of Colorado you should reach out to an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will be able to clearly explain the charges against you and the possible penalties that could go along with them and then go over all of your potential options for defense.  You’ll get the expert advice that you need to make it through this very stressful situation and the confidence that your professionally structured plan of defense will result in the best possible verdict from your criminal hearing.

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