Two 19-year-old Jacksonville men were arrested and charged as accessories for their involvement in the shooting death of a 20-year-old woman. A recent News4Jax story reported that one of the teens turned himself in after Jacksonville police issued a warrant for his arrest. The second teen was arrested later the same day.

The 19-year-old shooter had already been arrested and charged with manslaughter after the woman’s body was found in a wooded area. According to police, the suspect claimed he accidentally shot the woman during a struggle over a gun after he and the woman left a local nightclub. The suspect also turned in the murder weapon to the police. The suspect admitted that he dumped the woman’s body after she was killed.

The victim’s mother and twin brother do not believe the woman’s death was an accident and wants those who were involved in her daughter’s death to pay. The victim’s mother planned on starting a foundation in her daughter’s name. She also wants to reach out to middle and high schools in the area to speak to students about making good choices and the importance of associating with the right people. She feels if her message reaches just one person, her daughter will not have died in vain.

Manslaughter not only changes or ends the life of the victim, but that of the offender. These young men are undoubtedly facing long prison sentences in Jacksonville, just as they would in Colorado. Manslaughter is a felony in Colorado, with a prison term of up to six years. A lot can happen in six years, and for a young life that’s just beginning, that’s six years too many. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can advise as to the best defense strategy for his client, but he there’s only so much that even the most seasoned defense attorney can do. One thing is for certain–a Colorado criminal defense attorney will ensure that your legal rights are respected and that you are fairly, regardless of the charges you face.

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