Going through a divorce is rarely easy on anyone involved, but it can be much more difficult on all parties when there are children involved.  Determining which parent gets custody and determining a fair schedule of visitation for the other parent can be incredibly challenging.  Determining custody can create heated arguments which only results in a more difficult situation for the couple and for the children.

What many couples don’t even consider until they are well into the divorce proceedings is that other family members and loved ones may want and be completely entitled to visitation as well.  Grandparents and other loved ones may have a legal right to visitation and adding more individuals who want to spend a regular amount of time with your children following a divorce can make matters even more complex.  In order to establish the best schedule you’ve got to determine the situation that will be most favorable for the children and that is often much easier with the assistance of an experienced professional.

Hire an experienced Colorado divorce attorney to help you determine the most appropriate breakdown of visitation for all important parties in your children’s lives.  An experienced Colorado divorce attorney can act as an impartial third party and focus their efforts solely on developing a schedule of visitation that will take the children’s best interests into consideration.  By establishing a fair and reasonable schedule of visitation where the children come first every party who has a right to visitation will come out winning.