Making Sense of Military Divorce

The process of divorce for civilians can be complex, overwhelming and completely daunting to all parties involved but the potential extenuating circumstances surrounding those who are members of the armed forces can make a military divorce much more complex.  Depending upon where you are stationed, what state you are officially a resident of and what state your spouse is a resident of you may not even be able to file for divorce in the state in which you currently reside.  Other factors like military pensions and benefits can be affected by federal law making division of assets a complete impossibility without the help of an experienced attorney.

If the rigors of a military lifestyle have put strain on your marriage and divorce seems imminent you should reach out to an experienced Colorado divorce attorney for advice.  An experienced Colorado divorce attorney will begin by establishing whether or not you are able to file for divorce in Colorado or whether factors exist that will affect where and how you can file.  If you are eligible for filing in the state of Colorado your experienced Colorado divorce attorney will be able to deftly guide you through the divorce process in order to minimize any additional strain that could come along with your unique marriage situation.

Ending a marriage is never fun but you should make every effort to make your divorce as amicable as possible, especially if there are children involved.  By enlisting the help of an experienced Colorado divorce attorney to help guide you through the process you can ensure a marriage dissolution that will contain fewer fights, fewer headaches and a lot less stress.


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