Law enforcement officials in Colorado seem even more serious about removing impaired drivers from the streets this summer and keeping Colorado streets safe.  In a one night DUI checkpoint on Fort Collins on Memorial Day Weekend police made contact with over 1000 drivers and ultimately arrested more than twenty for driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired.

This monumental effort was just the beginning of the 100 Day of Heat program in Colorado that will increase officer presence and efforts on the streets and help to minimize the number of DUI related accidents and fatalities that plague the state of Colorado this summer.

All of these additional DUI arrests across the state should have Colorado criminal defense attorneys very busy.  The possible penalties associated with a DUI in the state of Colorado are among the most severe in the entire country.  First time offenders of DUI in Colorado face the possibility of mandatory jail time, high fines and lengthy driver’s license suspensions and the only way to ensure the best possible outcome from your trial is to enlist the services of an experienced professional to build an effective defense.

A Colorado criminal defense attorney will examine the evidence that the prosecution has against you and the methods by which that evidence was gathered by arresting officers.  If anything at all that occurred during the course of your investigation seems amiss your Colorado criminal defense attorney will use that information to bolster your defense and increase your chances of having your charges reduced or dismissed.

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