A new sobriety court in Denver has high hopes for reducing the number of repeat DUI offenders in the state of Colorado. The mammoth efforts of law enforcement officials have helped to reduce the number of arrested for suspicion of DUI by nearly twenty five percent in 2010 compared to 2008 but nearly thirty percent of those arrested for DUI in Colorado have involved repeat offenders.

The new court will implement a combination of current punishments and an intensive treatment program that could help to rehabilitate drivers who could have been likely to have gotten behind the wheel while impaired again.  The program will be funded by nearly six hundred thousand dollars in grant money and will focus on lengthy bouts of treatment and frequent blood alcohol monitoring and regular interactions with judges to monitor progress.

While this program may not be right for everyone who has made the decision to get behind the wheel while impaired more than once it could make a big difference in making the streets safer.  Unfortunately, the program won’t be large enough to accommodate all repeat offenders and many will still face the possibility of very severe punishments of prison, fines and license suspensions.

If you are facing a first time or subsequent DUI charge in Colorado you need to hire an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney.  Hiring a Colorado criminal defense attorney gives you the best opportunity of having your DUI charges reduced or dismissed so that you face a series of much more tolerable punishments following your trial.

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