Some burglars simply are not cut out for it, as was the case of an unfortunate fellow in Winona, Minnesota. A recent article on reported that suspect didn’t notice the sheriff’s squad car parked outside of the house he decided to rob.

A Winona County Sheriff got a call from his wife, who told him that someone was trying to break into their house. The sheriff rushed home to find an intruder reaching through a broken glass door and attempting to unlatch the door. The sheriff wrestled the intruder to the ground and held him until police arrived.

The suspect reportedly had a breath alcohol content more than four times the legal limit for driving. According to the sheriff, the clueless suspect walked right by his squad car to enter his garage and steal a hammer to smash the glass door.

While the scenario is a bit hilarious, the crime committed is no laughing matter. Burglary and attempted burglary are offenses that carry stiff penalties. The suspect in this scenario may have been intoxicated, but he was still unlawfully breaking and entering. In Colorado, that alone is a felony. A criminal defense attorney would have to examine all the events surrounding the case to determine what class of felony the suspect would be charged with. If he was driving, he may also be charged with DUI. Unfortunately when this suspect sobers up, he’s going to have more than a  hangover to contend with. His criminal defense attorney will prepare the best defense possible under the circumstances and hope for the best.

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