The abduction of a loved one is a devastating ordeal for both the victim and his or her family. Authorities in Aurora, Colorado are left wondering why one 15-year-old girl staged her own and led police on a 5-day search for whom they believed was an abduction victim.

The Denver Post recently reported that the teen, who had been staying at a hotel, had been missing since September 17. On that day, she called 911 and then called her mother and told her that a former drug dealer was banging on the door. When police arrived at the hotel, she was gone. A man on the scene was questioned and his vehicle impounded for evidence. The man told investigators that he was indirectly involved, but later told news reporters he barely knew the teen and was concerned about his reputation.

A police officer later spotted the teen at a fast-food restaurant and called for backup. When they arrived, the teen surrendered when she realized she was surrounded. At press time, she was in custody and being questioned. According to investigators, she faked her abduction and ran away. She had been spotted earlier the same day she was taken in, but she got away before police could apprehend her. She used a fake ID to check into the motel. Investigators declined to state how she obtained the fake ID, citing that information may have been part of the investigation into finding her accomplices.

The teen was described to be in reasonably good condition. Investigators would not divulge any further information. They did state that the teen was facing a number of criminal charges and would likely be charged as a juvenile.

Part of the criminal defense attorney‘s defense strategy in a case like this may be to investigate the suspect’s home situation to determine what drove her to resort to such drastic measures. She will most likely be held accountable for the use of several hours of police manpower that went into her search. If the defense attorney can determine that her actions were warranted, such as escaping an abusive situation, he may be able to get the judge to go easy on her, but she will not get a free pass.

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