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Eye in the Sky Nabs Suspect Orwell’s Nightmare?

Recently, a new infrared eye on a Denver police helicopter helped to apprehend a man accused of robbery and assault in the street. Nobody would claim that capturing a criminal is a bad thing. If someone breaks the law, they should be subject to a punishment exactly befitting the crime committed after being granted a fair trial of their peers and found guilty in a court of law; this is the core of our legal system. Everyone has the right to trial,... Read More

Occupy Denver Movement Clashes with Police

The movement that began as Occupy Wall Street has spread across the nation like wildfire. To many the movement is confusing and bemusing-many of the protestors in these movements have been unable to clearly articulate exactly what it is they are trying to accomplish, aside from the ephemeral "Change," and that they are against corporate greed. The one thing that is certain, however, is that more and more these movements are finding themselves at ... Read More

Former DA Faces Prison after Sex Crime Plea

It is extremely easy to demonize criminal defense attorneys; indeed, it's even popular to do so. Watch any television legal drama. Most of them, with one or two notable exceptions, focus on the District Attorney and the police, painting them as heroes while the defense lawyers are almost universally portrayed as sleazy, profit-obsessed, and even corrupt. This portrayal couldn't be further from the truth, and is insulting to honest Colorado crimin... Read More

Elderly Woman Pulls Gun on Kids

A 74-year-old wheelchair-bound Colorado woman has been formally charged with a felony after allegedly pulling a gun on a group of children"¦for drawing with chalk on someone else's driveway. Joyce Bradmon claims that the gun in question was simply an unloaded pellet gun, a fact any good Colorado criminal defense attorney will be certain to bring up at trial, but it's still a bizarre case. The incident took place in August, when Bradmon brandi... Read More

But I Had No Idea She Was Going to Rob the Place!

53-year-old Norma Sisernos has been arrested and accused of robbing a bank with her 31-year-old daughter Tina Guerrero. Denver police say that the couple went into a bank in Westminster, where one of them claimed to have a bomb, and they proceeded to rob the bank. Now here's the twist: Norma claims that she never knew her daughter was planning to rob the bank, and that she is essentially an innocent bystander in the whole affair. If ever there wa... Read More

Throwing a Fit on a Plane: Not a Good Idea

An unruly man who caused a ruckus on a Los Angeles-bound plane that caused the aircraft to be diverted to Denver, now faces twenty years in prison. Authorities say that Varoujan Khodjamirian consumed several alcoholic drinks and became loud and disruptive, kicking the seats in front of him, shouting threats, and even striking a flight attendant. If anything is certain, in today's society, Mr. Khodjamirian needs to acquire a good Colorado criminal... Read More

Medical Evidence is Critical to Colorado Assault Cases

Assault is not a victimless crime and, as such, can have many more variables that need considering before an accurate verdict can be rendered in any case.  Assault cases involve a victim who has suffered bodily injury and the medical evidence that can prove or disprove that claim of injury is critical in an assault case. Due to the fact that pain can be considered bodily injury, even when there are no physical signs of injury present, constru... Read More

Colorado Prosecutors Upgrade Charge against CIA Contractor

The LA Times is reporting that prosecutors in Colorado are upgrading the disorderly conduct charge against a CIA contractor to include a second charge: one of felony assault. When 37-year-old Raymond Davis was arrested on October 1 after a parking space, the arrest was on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and third degree assault. The upgrade in charges came after Davis's first court appearance. Given Davis's history prior to this inciden... Read More

Colorado Closing Two Juvenile Facilities

Juvenile crime levels regarding crimes leading to incarceration have dropped to their lowest levels in Colorado since 1998, down 36% since 2006. This severe change in the apparent effectiveness of juvenile corrections has led to the state making the decision to close two of its juvenile facilities. While the state is citing better efforts to identify substance abuse and familial issues early, Colorado criminal defense attorneys point out that a p... Read More

Man in Prison for Seventeen Years Sees Conviction Overturned

On September 30, a judge overturned the conviction of a man arrested for murder in 1994. Obie Anthony is tasting freedom for the first time in nearly two decades after information came to light that one of the key witnesses for the prosecution lied under oath, his testimony helping to damn Anthony to prison. Worse, the judge chastised the prosecution for not revealing that they had in fact made a deal with the witness-a pimp-to testify against An... Read More

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