Assault is not a victimless crime and, as such, can have many more variables that need considering before an accurate verdict can be rendered in any case.  Assault cases involve a victim who has suffered bodily injury and the medical evidence that can prove or disprove that claim of injury is critical in an assault case.

Due to the fact that pain can be considered bodily injury, even when there are no physical signs of injury present, constructing an appropriate defense for an assault charge can be incredibly difficult.  Having an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney on your side to actively question evidence presented by the prosecution and to question the credibility of the witness statements is of great importance for a successful defense in an assault case.

If there were no other witnesses present at the time of the alleged assault you case can ultimately come down to a “he said, she said” battle that you will have a very difficult time winning if the prosecution is allowed to paint you as the aggressor.  The lowest type of assault charge in Colorado can still carry a prison sentence of up to two years.  Losing two years of your life to false or overblown accusations is very possible if you don’t have the right defense built by an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney.

Your criminal defense attorney will be well aware of what is at stake and how dramatically your life will be affected if the prosecution can secure an assault conviction and will work hard to build the best possible defense for your case.

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