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Bizarre Accusations around Former Arapahoe Sheriff

In a case that seems straight out of an episode of Law and Order, on Friday former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan was formally charged in court in a drugs-for-sex case, the charges including three felonies and one misdemeanor. The charges surrounding the case are bizarre and surprising, even for a seasoned Colorado criminal defense lawyer. Sullivan was jailed Tuesday after a sting operation in which he was allegedly caught trading drugs ... Read More

Fugitive Accidentally Shoots Accomplice

22-year-old Joshua Ringold, a murder fugitive in Mesa County, CO, eluded police after nearly being arrested following his accidental shooting of his own accomplice. The two were sought in the felony home invasion burglary of a Mesa County home. The two homeowners and Ringold's 16-year-old accomplice were shot during the incident; the accomplice died. There's going to be a lot for Colorado criminal defense lawyers to sort out in this one-the de... Read More

Colorado Killer Leads Police on Cat-and-Mouse Game

Travis Forbes is a dangerous man, the kind of potential serial killer who even gives Colorado criminal defense lawyers chills. It took police five months to unravel the network of lies, half-truths and fictions he wove around the murder of one young woman and the brutal sexual assault and attempted murder upon a second. Police say there was little doubt that he would've killed again, had they not been able to finally wring a believable confession... Read More

Burglar on Probation Shoots Elderly Woman

Sometimes our criminal justice system isn't rehabilitative enough. Sometimes punitive justice doesn't work. Colorado criminal defense attorneys fight hard for the rights of the accused, and sometimes that battle goes on outside the courtroom, to ensure that those who are guilty are properly rehabilitated, rather than simply punished and taught to be better criminals before being unleashed back upon the world. On November 25, 2011, a 21-year-ol... Read More

Sentencing Scheduled in 2010 Colorado School Shooting Case

School shootings are some of the most heinous and tragic events imaginable. Colombine didn't start the phenomenon, but it did change the landscape-ever since then there seems to have been a spate of shootings, not just at schools, but at shopping malls, even in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Colorado has seen its share since that fateful day in 1999, and everyone dreads hearing about another shooting on the news.  Colorado criminal defense ... Read More

Domestic Abuse Awareness and Education

October, which ended a couple of weeks ago, is traditionally deemed Domestic Violence Awareness Month—a time for us all to sit back and reflect on our duties and responsibilities as citizens where domestic abuse is concerned. This is an issue of exceptional importance to Colorado divorce and family law attorneys, but it is also an issue of extreme importance to the public at large, and sadly is one that far too many people overlook. The prob... Read More

Nearly 450 DUI Arrests Occur over Halloween Weekend

Looks like Denver DUI Attorneys stand to be pretty busy over the coming weeks and months! This past Halloween weekend, Colorado State Police, along with 95 other law enforcement agencies all across the state began a major crackdown in enforcement of drunk driving laws; the result was 447 arrests of drivers under suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Across the state, Denver posted the most arrests of any other jurisdiction, with a total of 5... Read More

Vampire Attack in Denver But Halloween is Over!

So as you might imagine, Denver criminal law attorneys have to defend more than our fair share of assault cases, ranging from parking lot fist fights to attempted robberies, to domestic violence cases. Assault is probably one of the most frequent forms of criminal charge levied-there are dozens if not hundreds of assault charges filed across the country every day. This is partially because we as a country have become hypersensitive to the idea of... Read More

Aurora Mom Charged with Child Abuse after Kids Die in Fire

Two children died in an apartment fire while their mother was not home.  Is this a tragedy or negligent homicide? A jury will have to decide, as Danielle Brockman faces charges of child abuse leading to death following just such an incident on October 30. Brockman has not secured the services of an independent Colorado criminal defense attorney, but has rather been assigned a public defender, who will no doubt do their best to ensure that her ri... Read More

Aurora Man Sentenced to 8 Years for Child Pornography

Child pornography cases are perhaps some of the worst cases a Colorado criminal defense attorney can be called upon to defend. Our society, and perhaps justifiably so, views these sorts of crimes as some of the most heinous of felony offenses.  Recently, a man plead guilty to just such an offense, and was sentenced to eight years behind bars for possession of over 30,000 images of child pornography on his computer. Certainly is up to the defe... Read More

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