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Denver Perjury Charges for Jury-Dodger

Here's a tip: If you commit a Castle Rock perjury crime, don't go on the radio and brag about it. As our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys understand it, that's exactly what one Denver woman did after finagling her way out of jury duty. In fact, she is facing felony perjury charges related to her alleged actions. While we often think of perjury charges as pertaining to a witness up on the stand, potential jurors can also face this ch... Read More

Supreme Court Debates Penalty Limits for Juvenile Offenders in Castle Rock, Elsewhere

The U.S. Supreme Court is debating whether juvenile offenders in Castle Rock and across the country should be spared the possibility of being locked up for life. Our Castle Rock juvenile defense attorneys understand the debate stems from two cases - Miller v. Alabama and Jackson v. Hobbs. The question is whether it is cruel and unusual punishment for a juvenile, given his or her youth, to face life in prison. Here's what we know of the tw... Read More

Murder Accessory Suspects Get Probation

Two women, both accused of two charges each of accessory to murder in Castle Rock, have been sentenced to probation. Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys know that generally, accessory to murder under Colorado Statute 18-8-105 is a Class 5 felony, punishable by 1 to 3 years in prison. In order for a person to be charged as an accessory to a crime in Colorado, they have to be found responsible of one of the following capacities: hind... Read More

Felony Charges in Castle Rock Result in 111-Year Prison Term

A man who reportedly shot a police officer was convicted on several Castle Rock felony charges, and ultimately sentenced to 111 years in prison. Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys recognize that attempted murder and aggravated assault charges can net serious penalties. Having an experienced attorney at your side when you're facing these type of allegations can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. In this situation,... Read More

Felony Arrests in Denver: Cases of Mistaken Identity

There is an alarming trend in Colorado that is gaining national notoriety: mistaken identity in cases of Denver felonies. Our Denver felony defense attorneys understand that the latest case happened as authorities were chasing down the "32 bandit," wanted on a host of robbery charges in the area. According to Denver 9 News, a man was on his way home on East Quincy Avenue when he was pulled over. He soon found himself bewildered when polic... Read More

Parrish Cox Pre-Trial Hearing

Former second-year Broncos cornerback Parrish Cox, currently facing charges for sexual assault, was in court on Friday for a pre-trial hearing. His trial, originally scheduled to start on October 27, 2011, was delayed until February. Colorado criminal defense attorneys who are working for Cox have denied that Cox ever had sexual contact with the victim, though prosecutors say that there is DNA evidence proving that Cox is the father of the woman'... Read More

Jimmie Joe Montgomery, Most Wanted, In Custody

It looks like one of Colorado's Most Wanted will soon be looking for a Colorado criminal defense attorney. On Wednesday, at a motel in Windsor, CO, police from the Larimer County sherriff's office arrested Jimmie Joe Montgomery, 33 years old. Montgomery was placed on the "Fort Collins Most Wanted" list last month.  The charges for which Montgomery was wanted include drug-dealing as part of an operation called Project White Out. Along with M... Read More

Speed, Alcohol Played Factors in Fatal Crash

Colorado DUI attorneys would like nothing more than to be able to turn their attentions to other forms of law.  Drunk Driving is a disturbing phenomenon in our society, and it seems that the problems are only getting worse. On Thursday, 36-year-old Jonathan Ichrist of Arvada, CO, was arrested on suspicion of causing a fatal accident in Aurora. Police say that it was likely that both alcohol and speed contributed to the accident; Ichrist was a... Read More

Perjury Condemns Wife in Husband Shooting Case

Here's another bizarre case for the records.  After her husband was shot and killed, a Durango County woman has been arrested and charged with perjury in an investigation following the sentencing of the shooter, her own brother.  Perjury is a crime that no Colorado criminal defense lawyer wants to deal with, as it naturally pokes serious holes in the credibility of any case. The Random House Dictionary defines perjury as "the willful giving ... Read More

Afternoon Shooting Suspects in Custody

On Friday afternoon, a teenager was shot in the neck and dropped off at an Aurora County hospital. Police are currently investigating the shooting, and have two suspects in custody.  It's too early to say exactly what happened, but certainly their Colorado criminal defense attorneys are going to have a lot to go through as the case unravels. According to reports, several parties were involved in a verbal altercation around noon on Friday, whe... Read More

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