It looks like one of Colorado’s Most Wanted will soon be looking for a Colorado criminal defense attorney. On Wednesday, at a motel in Windsor, CO, police from the Larimer County sherriff’s office arrested Jimmie Joe Montgomery, 33 years old. Montgomery was placed on the “Fort Collins Most Wanted” list last month.  The charges for which Montgomery was wanted include drug-dealing as part of an operation called Project White Out.

Along with Montgomery, police also took into custody two women, each of whom was wanted on a long list of warrants. The drama came to a conclusion after a long standoff which began when Deputy Derek Signorelli followed up on an investigation regarding a rented U-Haul that was parked at the hotel.

Montgomery is believed to have been a key player in a major multistate drug ring, one of thirty-three people named in the operation, and one of five suspects believed to have been involved with the distribution of methamphetamines as part of the operation.

Jessica Rae Cunningham of Fort Collins was also placed under arrest. The 24-year-old woman was wanted on twelve felony warrants, including identity theft, forgery, motor vehicle theft, vehicular eluding, and theft.

A third person taken into custody was 39-year-old Meradeth Nicole Antolich of Fort Collins, who was wanted on two warrants regarding to her failure to comply with authorities on theft charges.

Police say that the three were hiding out at a Windsor motel when authorities caught up with them and placed the trio under arrest.  Both of the women cooperated and surrendered immediately; Montgomery, however, refused to leave the room for over an hour and a half. Police say that even more charges are likely to be filed after a thorough search of the hotel room after the arrests.

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