On Friday afternoon, a teenager was shot in the neck and dropped off at an Aurora County hospital. Police are currently investigating the shooting, and have two suspects in custody.  It’s too early to say exactly what happened, but certainly their Colorado criminal defense attorneys are going to have a lot to go through as the case unravels.

According to reports, several parties were involved in a verbal altercation around noon on Friday, when shots rang out.  It is believed that two men then loaded the teenaged victim into their car and drove him to Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, where they dropped him off and left.  Details are still sketchy, but police caught up with the two suspects, whose names have not yet been released, a few blocks later and placed both of them under arrest.  The victim was rushed immediately into surgery.  There have as yet been no updates as to his condition.  Since the victim is a minor, his name has also not been released to the press.

It’s good that police so quickly acted to take suspects into custody in this case, and we can hope that they got the right men, and that the charges filed, be they felony assault charges or misdemeanor weapons charges, will be appropriate to the crime in question, but there seems to be a lot to sort out yet.  Was the shooting in response to the argument, or a consequence of it?  Was it an accident or deliberate?  That the suspects dropped the victim off at the hospital speaks that there was no intent to kill, or at least that they regretted the act afterward.  This is something that a good criminal defense lawyer will bring up at trial. In the end, this is another sad incidence of youth violence in a country plagued by it.

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