Colorado divorce and family law attorneys have to watch, withstand, and get caught in the middle of a great deal of heartache, pain, and stress as they act as mediators and litigators in difficult divorce proceedings every day.  One thing that all parties should always try to keep in mind is that there are innocent victims to many divorces, these being the children of the separating parties.  Child custody battles can be the most bitter and difficult part of a divorce, and sometimes what’s best for the kids actually gets left out in the cold.

The Poughkeepsie Journal has run an article that brings up a very important and salient point, particularly this time of year: as the holidays approach, don’t let your divorce ruin the holiday season for the kids.  This isn’t to say that any parent would deliberately do something like this, but sometimes it’s important to take a breather, step back, and remind yourself that as hard as things are right now, it is the holidays and it’s important to perhaps take a break from the battles to make them nice for your children.  The article includes many suggestions you can take to help this to happen.  Some of those listed include:

  • Plan ahead—know where the kids will be, when they will be there, and who they will be with. Make sure the kids know the plan as well.
  • Work out every last detail in advance.
  • Ask for support from family and friends.  This can be especially important if the relationship between parents has completely broken down.
  • Don’t badmouth your ex in front of the kids.
  • Don’t try to outdo your ex with lavish gifts—competition isn’t the right way to approach the holidays. Discourage family members from doing the same.

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