Looks like Denver DUI Attorneys stand to be pretty busy over the coming weeks and months! This past Halloween weekend, Colorado State Police, along with 95 other law enforcement agencies all across the state began a major crackdown in enforcement of drunk driving laws; the result was 447 arrests of drivers under suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Across the state, Denver posted the most arrests of any other jurisdiction, with a total of 58. Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Adams County also posted high numbers, though not near Denver’s lead.

The reason for this crackdown is that traditionally in Colorado, October is a rather deadly month. In 2010, there were seventeen deaths related to drunk driving, while in 2009 a whopping twenty-seven people died in alcohol-related car accidents.

Castle Rock DUI attorneys will help to make sure their clients’ rights are protected in cases like this, but drunk driving is no joke, nor is having a strong and qualified traffic law attorney a magic fix should you get arrested for the crime. The penalties for DUI are extremely stiff: the drivers in this October’s crackdown can face fines of up to $10,000, not to mention loss of driving privileges, court fees, and insurance increases-and this doesn’t take into account the jail time that can result from such offenses.

Offenses like this stay with you for the rest of your life. Even without jail time, a DUI offense can stay on your record for life, and can affect your life in more ways than this blog has the space to spell out. It’s amazing that even after all this time, with all of the information and education that’s out there about drunk driving, that so many people still get arrested for DUI offenses every year.

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