And you thought your custody battle was tough?  What if your teenaged child vanished in the middle of a bitter custody battle and remained missing for fifteen months? It’s the sort of story that haunts the nightmares of every divorcing couple and their Denver divorce attorneys. And yet, This very thing happened in Colorado, and police just located the missing teen, alive and unharmed. His uncle has been arrested for kidnapping.

14-year-old Andrew Mosier disappeared fifteen months ago, in the midst of a bitter child custody battle between his divorcing parents, Drs. Dennis Mosier and Carol Lazell, both dentists.

Dr. Mosier was awarded full custody of his son, but the boy’s maternal uncle, Douglas Lazier, allegedly kidnapped the boy twice during the divorce proceedings. In a new turn of events, Dr. Mosier claims that there is evidence his wife provided money to her brother during the period in which he was absconded with the boy.

It would seem that there is a great deal for the family law attorneys to sort out in this case, but it’s good that Andrew has been found safe and sound, and is back in his father’s custody. It is, however, a real shame that divorces often seem to end up so bitter, with the couples so consumed by selfishness and anger that they forget the most important factor: what is best for the child or children involved?

Divorces can become bitter by their very nature; when love goes bad it’s never a pretty thing, but sometimes people need to remember that they are adults, and there are others whose lives are affected by the proceedings. A civil divorce is better than one that turns into a war, every time. This goes not just for the families involved, but for their divorce attorneys, who should take care to be sensitive to all parties.

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