The recent headlines about Halle Berry’s stalking ordeal should be wake-up call to anyone who thinks they can never become the objected of an obsessed stalker. According to a recent Los Angeles Times story, Berry’s stalker showed up at her home twice before he was finally caught the third time he entered her property. The man, who was on probation after pleading no contest for a previous misdemeanor charge, was charged with felony stalking and faces three years in jail if convicted. He has  pleaded not guilty and was ordered to stay 500 yards away from Berry.

Even though Berry’s stalker is currently in jail, she must continue on with her life and maintain some sense of normalcy for her daughter’s sake while keeping a watchful eye out and doing all she can to keep her and her daughter safe. She must also live with the fear of the day her stalker is released from jail, whether it’s a month or three years from now. It will take a while for her to feel complete safe again, if she ever does. Berry has access to high-security devices and staff that most stalking don’t have. Most stalking victims have to rely on law enforcement and their own vigilance to keep them safe, and tragically it’s sometimes not enough to prevent a stalking victim from becoming a murder victim.

Stalking is a Class 4 or Class 5 misdemeanor in the state of Colorado, with a three-year jail sentence. Repeat offenders can get up to six years. Despite the despicable nature of the crime and the fact that stalkers are viewed very highly, stalkers have rights under the law. If you’re accused of stalking, you have the right to a fair trial, and the right to be treated fairly during the entire legal process. A good Colorado criminal defense attorney will see to it you receive nothing less.

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