What started as a fun day at a youth baseball tournament ended up with three parents facing assault charges. A recent 9News story reported that that the three parents, two of whom were a husband-and -wife couple, got into a fight that erupted over a bad game call. One of the parents was a town prosecutor, and one has a long criminal record. The 12-year-old sons of the parents also got involved in the fight.

The fight started when the husband attacked the son of the other parent when the boy attacked his son. The mother of the other boy who happens to be a town prosecutor struck the husband numerous times in the face and punched his wife and pushed her over a bench. The mother along with the husband and wife were arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct. None of the injuries they suffered were serious. The father of one of the boys also has a long criminal record of previous assault charges.

The town prosecutor in this scenario should have known better, and no doubt aware of the legal ramifications of her actions, even they were in defense of her son. Third degree assault is a Class 1 misdemeanor. If this is her first offense, she could get anywhere from probation to two years in jail, depending how a judge views the circumstances that may or may not have justified her actions. Sentences for repeat offenders tend be harsher than those for first offenders, so the Colorado criminal defense attorney representing the guy with the mile-long record may have to prepare his client for the high likelihood of spending some time in jail.

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