Several states that already support the Castle Doctrine-a law allowing the application of deadly force to defend one’s home-have expanded that law to extend to businesses and vehicles such as cars or even bicycles, and to the defense of others. Colorado is the latest state whose legislature is considering such an expansion. Proponents of the expanded law call it “Stand Your Ground,” while detractors refer to it as “Make My Day.” Either way, those involved in a situation where self-defense results in the application of lethal force should immediately consult a Colorado criminal defense attorney, even if they are one hundred percent certain they acted within the bounds of the law.

In many cases of self-defense, even those that seem otherwise clear cut, the victim is made out to be the predator, is seen as a villain for the ghastly act of surviving a threat to their life. Without a qualified criminal law attorney you could find yourself in prison for a long time, or even convicted of a felony, when all you did was defend your own life against an attacker.

Imagine such a scenario. You’re at home, sleeping in bed, when an armed invader enters with ill intent. He may just want to steal your television, but then again, he may want to do you physical harm. You have no way of knowing, but the gun in his hand is a direct threat on your life, and you respond.

Thirty minutes later, the invader is dead and the police are there, taking a report. Would you leave the next fateful days to the whim of fate and the certain knowledge that you did the right thing, or would you rather have someone at your side who knows the strangest ins and outs of Colorado criminal law, who can make sure that your day in court ends up with your actions being vindicated?

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