In a period of two weeks ending on September 7, the Colorado State Police reported that agencies across the state made 869 arrests for DUI in two weeks. Over 1900 arrests for DUI occurred in the months leading up to that, during a crackdown they called “100 Days of Heat.” Drunk driving is a serious problem on the roads today, and police are cracking down hard. However, even for those found to have offended, due process still applies, and Colorado DUI attorneys stand ready to make sure their clients’ rights are observed.

Laws regarding drunk driving in Colorado are complex, and the penalties for conviction are harsh. Many people don’t realize that there is a difference between driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while your ability is impaired (DWAI); the news media often uses the terms interchangeably, or at least, doesn’t clarify the difference.

The difference between DUI and DWAI doesn’t even scratch the surface of the complexity of Colorado DUI laws, and it’s vital for anyone who finds themselves charged with such a crime to seek the services of a competent and qualified DUI attorney to make sure that no mistakes are made in your defense.

Remember, even if you think you may be in the wrong, you have rights. You should never, ever sacrifice these rights out of a sense of guilt or even a sense that you can defend yourself. Laws such as these are strict and the penalties for DUI arrests get more and more severe every year. As the 100 Days of Heat proves, police across the country are cracking down hard on DUI offenders, and this makes it more important than ever for those in Colorado who are arrested on such a charge to seek the services of a Castle Rock DUI defense attorney.