Many couples who experience troubles in their marriage—particularly troubles that are going to be very long-term—immediately jump to divorce as their only solution.  But there are other options to explore before getting the courts and divorce attorneys into play, and some couples through exploring these other options may even find that their marriage is salvageable. In Colorado, Denver divorce lawyers can help couples to explore these other options.

In another blog we talked about mediation as an option for amicable divorce. But even this is a later option. For many couples, legal separation may be a preferable option. Legal separation, though it can be as contentious as divorce at times, can also be a better option. For one thing, couples in legal separation still gain certain tax benefits as a married couple, and keep shared benefits such as insurance in place.

Legal separation could be looked at as a sort of middle ground between marriage and divorce. If a couple is in legal separation and they reconcile, it’s easy to resume the marriage down the line. If, however, they discover that remaining separated is their best option, in Colorado a Denver divorce lawyer can easily help convert the trial separation into a divorce.

Marriage is a commitment, but is a commitment that, these days, doesn’t always seem to be worth as much as it once was. Divorce rates across the country have sat at 50% for a long time. This isn’t to say that every couple should stay together no matter how bad things get. Some marriages encounter abuse situations or other truly insurmountable problems. Some were simply a mistake. What is surprising is that many couples don’t even know that legal separation as an option exists. As with any major decision in life, you should explore all options before making a decision. Legal separation may be better in the end than divorce.

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