A former SunTrust bank manager faces a million-dollar fine and up to 30 years in prison for embezzling funds, as recently reported by the Orlando Sentinel. The 33-year-old woman worked at SunTrust’s St. Cloud branch. She recently plead guilty to embezzling federally-insured funds by a bank employee.

The woman moved $40,000 between customer accounts from late 2009 to early 2010 in an attempt to conceal her embezzlement activities. She stole at least $14,985 of the embezzled funds. She is currently awaiting sentencing.

The young woman in this case will never be able to work in a position that requires handling money, and she’ll have a very difficult time finding gainful employment with a criminal record. It may be a long time before she has to worry about getting a job anywhere if she’s convicted of her crime. The embarrassment and shame of her actions will also take a tremendous emotional toll.

Embezzlement is no less serious a crime in Florida as it is in Colorado. A Colorado criminal defense attorney in this would have to do a phenomenal job in raising reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors to get a reduced charge for a defendant in this type of case.  The woman was in an entrusted position of handling funds that belonged to others, and she used that position to obtain funds for herself. Those two factors alone is all a prosecutor needs to send her to jail for a long time.

A Colorado criminal defense attorney would advise this suspect of her rights under the law, as well as prepare her for all possible outcomes of the case. He would present the best defense strategy, and make sure that she is treated fairly throughout the legal process.

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