A July 25 Fox 8 News story reports that a former health worker was arrested for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from her previous employer over the last eight years. The 56-year-old woman was charged with eight counts of embezzlement. Her charges stem from a police investigation that began in late 2010 and revealed that the woman took over $600,000 from Novant Health systems since 2003.

An internal audit initially discovered the missing funds. The woman worked in risk management and had access to self-insurance accounts, from which it was determined she embezzled the money. She worked for Novant for 10 years before being fired. She is in jail under a secured bond of $50,000 and awaiting her day in court.

The story doesn’t state the woman’s motives for her actions. Whatever her reasons, her embezzlement charges and possible conviction forever changes her life. Her 10-year career as a health worker is gone, and her future employment prospects are not in her favor, especially if she’s going to end up with a record. Emotionally she’s most likely having a tough time dealing with the embarrassment of her actions combined with the possibility of a long jail term.

This crime occurred in Winston-Salem and is no less serious there than it would be if it happened in Colorado. Colorado laws deal harshly with embezzlers, and even the best Colorado criminal defense attorney would have his work cut for him in trying to get a reduced charge for this defendant. A Colorado criminal defense attorney in this case would have to raise reasonable doubt for any chance of a reduce charge, which would be very difficult considering that the suspect used her position to steal money.

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