A Minnesota man faces charges of attempted murder and arson after he set fire to a house as a mother and her children were inside, according to a recent Fox9 News story. Police responded to reports of a woman screaming for help and arrived on the scene to find the hysterical victim wearing only a shower curtain, stating that man who started the fire tried to kill her.

She told officers that she had put the suspect out of the house after an argument. She was in bed sleeping around 3 AM when a “cocktail” crashed through her bedroom window, setting her curtains afire. Seconds later another cocktail came through her window. She got her children and was heading out the front door when the suspect entered and told the children that their “mother was going to die today”. The victim ran back into the bedroom to call the police. The suspect followed her while spraying her with lighter fluid and unsuccessfully using a lighter to set her afire.

The suspect then blocked the front door to prevent the victim from getting out. He then threw her into the bathroom and doused her with pine cleaner. She screamed for help out the bathroom widow and rinsed herself in the shower. She escaped after a neighbor kicked in the door, grabbed the suspect and threw him down the stairs, and then got her out of the house.

The suspect fled the scene but was later apprehended. He told officers he hoped the victim was dead. He further stated that he had been trying to kill her for years and hoped he she learned a lesson. It wasn’t the first time he threatened the victim. In an earlier incident, a witness saw him threaten to burn her while squiring lighter fluid at her.

This suspect may be going to jail for a long time, no matter how good his Castle Rock criminal defense attorney is. Arson is Class 4 felony in Colorado. Combined with attempted murder charges and his previous history of domestic violence toward the woman, the best his defense attorney could hope for is that his client is well prepared for a long stay in prison.

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