Authorities are currently on the hunt for a 56-year-old Littleton man suspected of attempting to burn down an apartment building in which he lived and is believed to have left the state of Colorado, according to the Littleton Independent. Police were looking for the man after a fire broke out at the apartment building in the early morning hours on August 13. According to Littleton police, the man was allegedly bitter about being evicted.

The fire reportedly started in the suspect’s ground-floor apartment. Traces of gasoline were found in the unit. Police are still investigating the possibility of forced entry. No injuries were reported, but two units were damaged in the fire. The suspects had made no threats prior to the fire, but he does have a criminal record. He previously faced DUI, disorderly conduct, aggravated battery and second degree assault charges, all of which occurred out of Colorado. He also has a parole violation on his record.

If the suspect is found and charged with arson, he will be facing serious charges. He would face a Class 4 felony conviction because there were reportedly people inside the complex when the fire was started, and he knowingly started the fire. He may also face additional charges for fleeing the scene of the crime and going on the run. His long list of previous criminal convictions would make it difficult for his criminal defense attorney to convince a judge to be lenient. If anything, the attorney would have to prepare his client for the possibility of a maximum sentence.

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