CBS recently reported that two college football players were arrested and charged with robbery. The players, who were teammates at a Denver high school, confronted their victim in Boulder in the early morning hours of August 5. Police believe one of the suspects punched the victim in the face before both suspects took his money and cell phone before fleeing. The suspects were later arrested and eventually released on bond.

One of the suspects was a former offensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills. The other suspect was a sophomore quarterback for the Syracuse Orange. The former Buffalo Bill was suspended earlier this year for a vandalism arrest and was dismissed from the team soon after this his arrest. The arrest also leaves a cloud of uncertainty over the future of the Orange quarterback, who was being touted as the team’s “quarterback of the future”.

The crime the suspects committed in this case constitutes aggravated robbery because the victim in this case was allegedly struck during the incident. Aggravated robbery is defined as robbery committed while armed with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill or harm the victim if they resist, threatening a robbery victim with a deadly weapon during a robbery or striking or wounding a robbery victim during a robbery. Aggravated robbery is a Class 3 felony in Colorado. One of the men has a previous conviction for a similar offense, making his criminal defense attorney‘s job a bit more of a challenge. The other one may be able to get a reduced sentence if his criminal defense attorney presents a defense strong enough to induce a judge to rule in his favor.

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