A 21-year-old Greeley woman recently entered a guilty plea guilty for her role in a series of bank robberies that began in December 2010 and ended in January 2011. The Greeley Tribune reported that the woman pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery for a robbery of a Colorado credit union in January.

In a one-month period, the suspect and her 22-year-old boyfriend robbed a gas station, two cash advance establishments and two banks before robbing the credit union. Thanks to a GPS tracking device placed in money they took from the bank, the couple were tracked down after they robbed the credit union and arrested at an apartment complex. Police noticed money in their car that was partially stuffed beneath the driver’s seat.

The suspect told police that she and her boyfriend used the stolen money to buy heroin, pay bills, go to movies and buy expensive groceries. The suspect accepted a plea deal which dropped a slew of felony charges and included restitution and open sentencing. She could be sentenced to 4 to 16 years, which she could be placed on probation, in community corrections or in prison. Her boyfriend, also charged, is awaiting arraignment on multiple charges.

The Castle Rock criminal defense attorney defending the boyfriend in this case will probably try for a plea deal as well, but a plea deal may not result in a sentence lesser than what the girlfriend received. Had she participated all of the robberies and not just one, she would be facing a much longer sentence, plea deal or not. Aggravated robbery is committed when the robber is armed with a deadly weapon with the intent to harm or kill his victim is if they are uncooperative, a robber (or someone working with the robber) threatens a victim with a deadly weapon or a robber (or someone working with the robber) strikes or wounds a victim a deadly weapon during a robbery. Aggravated robbery is a Class 3 felony in Colorado.

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