Car racing should be left to the pros. Even with their skills and training, professional car racers know the dangers of combining adrenaline and speed and that every race poses a risk of serious injury or worse. The risk for amateur car racers is even greater. A police officer in Aurora, Colorado was recently sentenced for participating in a car race in March.

According to the The Denver, the Aurora Sentinel recently reported that the officer accepted a plea deal that dropped more serious charges that included reckless endangerment, reckless driving, child abuse and being involved in an exhibition of speed. He was sentenced to three months’ probation and 50 hours of community service.

The officer participated in a speed contest with another driver on Castle Pines Parkway. The men had raced eastbound from Monarch Boulevard before stopping at a red light. Then both men accelerated, reaching 81 mph in a 40-mph speed zone, in less than a tenth of a mile before the other driver’s car crashed and rolled. No one was hurt in the incident

The multiple charges faced by two drivers in this case could have put 37 points on their licenses, which would have more than enough to cost them their driving privileges. The Castle Rock criminal defense attorney successfully prepared a defense that got his clients a lighter sentence than they would have served had they not agreed to a plea deal. The officer still faces the prospect of disciplinary action, however. According to a police spokesman, the officer is currently the subject of an internal affairs investigation.

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