A Colorado fire chief was recently arrested for impersonating a police officer. A recent WAFB story reported that the fire chief tried to pull over another driver with his own personal car using a siren. He reportedly was driving under the influence.

The 56-year-old chief of the Hygiene Fire Department also faces charges for prohibited use of a weapon and DUI. The fire chief had rifle and a pistol in his car at the time of his arrest. Deputies stated that an altercation had taken place at the alleged fake traffic stop, prompting a call for real police officers to respond. The fire chief has been suspended while the investigation continues and is scheduled to appear in court.

The DUI charges the suspect faces are serious enough, but impersonating a police officer in Colorado is a felony. The best a Colorado criminal defense attorney could hope for is a reduced sentence, and accomplishing this will not be an easy task. Things could work in the suspect’s favor if he has no prior record and he is a first-time offender, but a judge could sentence him with the maximum sentence despite those factors. An experienced criminal defense attorney would advise this suspect of his defense options as well as his chances for a reduced sentence and/or the likelihood of a receiving the maximum penalty for his crimes.

Regardless of the outcome, a criminal defense attorney will see to it that his client is treated fairly and receives a fair trial. He will explain every step of the legal process in a way his client can understand and map out a defense that will result in as favorable an outcome as possible.

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