Few teenagers haven’t pulled a prank or two in their lives, but sometimes a prank can have serious life-changing consequences. Three or four Wisconsin teens are going to need a real good criminal defense attorney once police catch up with them. According to a recent Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel story, juveniles throwing water-filled cups onto drivers from a highway bridge are being blamed for a four-vehicle crash that involved a pickup truck and three semitrailers.

Right-lane traffic on the highway had to be closed until the damage from the accident was cleared. The cups thrown were traced to a local fast food restaurant. They went to the restaurant and asked for information on patrons who had come in and ordered water with their orders. They were able to get a description of the suspects from the information they were given.

Authorities were looking for three to four male teenagers, age ranging from 15 to 18. They were believed to be driving a red pickup truck with a decal sticker of the letter “M” with a claw design running through the letter on the side window behind the driver. The driver was described as a white male wearing a knit cap.

The 18-year old teens involved in this crime would be charged as a adult and thus face more serious penalties for their crime. The younger teens would be charged as a juvenile and most likely sent to juvenile detention, unless a judge determines that they should be charged as an adult as well. Luckily for these mischievous criminals no one was injured, or the best a criminal defense attorney could hope for is probation or a shorter jail term.

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