A few weeks ago, Ryan Reynolds was on Jay Leno discussing his split with Scarlett Johansson. Though the actor, who is usually very private, spoke largely in jest about the divorce and by all reports the couple is still on friendly terms, Reynolds has still expressed pain over the divorce, saying he doesn’t ever want to get married again. Divorce is a tough process which varies by jurisdiction, and for those in Colorado without a Denver family and divorce attorney, the process can be painful on many different levels.

Reynolds and Johansson were one of Hollywood’s power couples, with reports flying weeks after their divorce that the two were looking to reunite. This sort of wishful thinking on the public’s part is a macrocosmic version of the type of drama that accompanies every divorce. Did the couple have to split? What happened to tear them apart? They had dinner last night-are they going to get back together?

The divorcees aren’t the only ones hurt, though certainly they share the bulk of the grief. Divorce ruins friendships and tears families apart, and as difficult as it may be, the only way to come out of it with as little damage as possible is to obtain, whether you are in Pennsylvania, California, or Colorado, divorce attorney services.

Attempting to go through a divorce without an attorney is unwise. The partner with whom you have spent years in trust and teamwork now stands on the other side of the line from you. Years of trust is destroyed. An attorney will ensure that both sides meet on fair and even grounds, and that the split is as equal as possible.

Whether the divorce is uncontested, or there are issues of annulment, child custody and child support, or even military divorce wherein jurisdiction is a question, a qualified Castle Rock divorce attorney can ensure that the split is as fair and balanced as possible.