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The Divorce Rate for Second Marriages is Higher than First Marriages

Thereare some who believe that the divorce rate for first marriages is lower than the usual around 50% statistic that is usually given out as the US rate. There doesn't seem to be much controversy about the higher amount of divorces for second marriages. The reason for more divorces a second time may just be the last experience with divorce was not as bad people believed it was and their comfort with it leads to more filings. It could be the mixi... Read More

Unemployment and Underemployment has had Far Reaching Effects

The fact that unemployment is still high, combined with many others surviving with lesser jobs since losing a better paying job, is hurting the economy's recovery. There is less money being spent and therefore less job creation. If you have lost your job or had to take one for less money there can be ways to alleviate your current financial situation. If you are divorced and receiving alimony, a change in your economic status could qualify you fo... Read More

Making Sense of Military Divorce

The process of divorce for civilians can be complex, overwhelming and completely daunting to all parties involved but the potential extenuating circumstances surrounding those who are members of the armed forces can make a military divorce much more complex.  Depending upon where you are stationed, what state you are officially a resident of and what state your spouse is a resident of you may not even be able to file for divorce in the state in ... Read More

Benefits of Seeking Legal Separation in Lieu of Divorce

Even if you feel that you can no longer continue on with your marriage it doesn’t necessarily mean that filing for divorce would be your best option.  A divorce can be very complex and there are a number of very serious considerations that need to be made and agreed upon in some fashion prior to the marriage being legally dissolved. In many instances a legal separation has several advantages over a divorce, not the least of which is that it... Read More

An Uncontested Divorce Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That Help isn’t Needed

An amicable separation is something that every couple who has a relationship that is no longer working out ultimately hopes for.  A divorce where there is no fight, no grievances and no bickering is probably the next best thing to a relationship that actually worked out, but that doesn’t mean that the couple going through what amounts to an uncontested divorce couldn’t benefit from the assistance of an experienced Colorado divorce attorney. ... Read More

Keeping Divorce Amicable with the Help of a Colorado Divorce Attorney

You and your spouse may have a very clear understanding of why your relationship no longer works and have every desire to dissolve the bad marriage as quickly as possible in order to move on.  Unfortunately things like division of assets can create uncomfortable situations and result in disagreements or even full fledged fights, which is never a good thing especially if children are involved.  It may be difficult to resist the urge to lash out ... Read More

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