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Talking to The Kids About Divorce

Divorce tends of necessity to be a selfish and self-centered process. After all, it represents the dissolution of a staunch partnership wherein both parties shared everything in their lives, but now will have to divide up their possessions, assets, and family. While a strong and qualified Colorado divorce attorney is essential for both parties to get through this rough time, the bigger victims in divorce tend to be the children, and parents shoul... Read More

Losing the House or Business

Divorce is a traumatic process for both parties. It’s unlikely that anyone will find that statement shocking. However, have you ever considered that you could lose your entire business, and not to your former spouse? A story in the Financial Post discusses the tale of a man who was so traumatized by his divorce that he nearly lost his entire business due to lack of focus and the vigorous process of needing to miss work and focus on meetings wit... Read More

You Don’t Need to Jump Straight to Divorce

Many couples who experience troubles in their marriage—particularly troubles that are going to be very long-term—immediately jump to divorce as their only solution.  But there are other options to explore before getting the courts and divorce attorneys into play, and some couples through exploring these other options may even find that their marriage is salvageable. In Colorado, Denver divorce lawyers can help couples to explore these other ... Read More

Melissa Etheridge Custody Battle

It seems that another landmark in same-sex partner rights has been reached in a very public way, and this one isn’t a positive one. Country-rock singer Melissa Etheridge is involved in a custody and property battle with her ex-partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels. This argument is long and bitter, even in question is the couple’s status as married partners. One thing is certain: their attorneys will have a great deal to sort out, and all over the nat... Read More

Children and the Holidays: How Do Divorcees Cope?

As the holiday season approaches once again, tens of thousands of divorced couples all over the country will be dealing with the issue of how to handle the holidays with kids. Wired PR News has released a guide to divorced couples dealing with child custody issues through the holiday season. As the article points out, child custody issues make the already difficult and tense situation of divorce even rougher, not only for the parents, but for the... Read More

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson: Another Power Couple Splits

A few weeks ago, Ryan Reynolds was on Jay Leno discussing his split with Scarlett Johansson. Though the actor, who is usually very private, spoke largely in jest about the divorce and by all reports the couple is still on friendly terms, Reynolds has still expressed pain over the divorce, saying he doesn't ever want to get married again. Divorce is a tough process which varies by jurisdiction, and for those in Colorado without a Denver family and... Read More

Hulk Hogan’s Ex Wife Says He Abused Her

The Washington Post reports that Linda Hogan was abused by the famous wrestler "Hulk" Hogan while they were married. She has also said he was unfaithful and she was often afraid if him and his "rages". The fact that they are famous, relatively speaking, does not mean that other couples have been in similar situations. Any woman or man who lives in Colorado and is trapped in an abusive relationship should consult with a Colorado divorce attorney. ... Read More

Older Americans are Seeking Divorce More Than Ever

In what may just be another statistic about baby boomers, older Americans are filing for divorce much more than they used to. It could be that there are more Americans now thanks to the old baby boomer group. It could be that living longer has had a part in it also. Medical advancements are keeping us healthier and alive longer than ever before. Colorado being representative of the nation's population may also be seeing an increase in divorcing o... Read More

Charlie Sheen in the News Again, This Time for Child Support

The former star of “Two and a Half Men” is certainly not lacking in news stories this year. His losing the job on the popular TV show has had another effect that has come to light. A judge has ordered that child support payments due his second wife for their twins must be withheld by the producers of the show, when they decide how to pay his contract off. The lack of income may not be hurting Sheen or maybe. The judge simply wants him to comp... Read More

Divorce in Colorado is Offered Online

The advent of using computers to shop, get directions, look up anything under the sun, and even buy insurance is not even news anymore. The computer is no panacea for every problem. The filing of online divorces for instance is not the best way to handle such an important task. Saving money with a quick filling out of some forms is as inadvisable as throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Online divorce in Colorado or anywhere else is not a gua... Read More

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