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Effects of Divorce on Young Adult Relationships

We as a society and culture make a lot of noise about the effects divorce can have on kids. Whenever a couple with children divorces, the kids (often rightly so) become the focal point of the divorce. Who gets primary custody? How is visitation arranged? Who is the more deserving parent, who will do a better job as the primary caregiver? Colorado divorce attorneys spend a great deal of time hashing out child custody and visitation agreements. ... Read More

New Novel Focuses on Divorce, Love, and Politics

So you’re going through, or have just recently gone through, a difficult divorce. The dust is settling, your Colorado divorce and family law attorneys have done their job and seen to it that your rights were protected and you got your just due, and now you’re looking to the future. The problem is, it’s a bit scary, and it has to be a little depressing. You put a lot of work into your relationship, a partnership that you went into with ev... Read More

What Causes Our High Divorce Rate?

A recent op-ed piece in the Pikes Peak Courier presents some staggering statistics regarding the divorce rate in the United States. Among these statistics is the fact that the United States of America has the highest divorce rate in the world. Is it any wonder that whether you live in Pennsylvania, California, New York, Idaho, or Colorado, family law and divorce attorneys see big business? The oft-thrown-about statistic that fifty percent of a... Read More

American Values Institute Wants Divorce Waiting Period

As any Colorado divorce and family law attorney can tell you, divorce rates in the U.S. fluctuate, and often with the economy, with couples tending to stay together more when the economy is bad, and divorce more readily when the economy is strong, but have generally hovered around fifty percent for a pretty long time. Few people would consider this an ideal statistic, but now the Institute for American Values wants to enforce a one-year waiting p... Read More

Focus on Children Can Make Divorce Smoother

Many couples avoid divorce and stay in bad, even rotten, marriages because they feel obligated to stay together for the sake of their children. Common sense and conventional wisdom tells us in the modern era that this is a bad idea—as traumatic as divorce can be for kids, it can be far worse to continually set a bad example by going through the motions of an unhappy marriage. More importantly, the divorce, no matter how difficult the split, ... Read More

Financial Illiteracy Affects Alarming Numbers of Female Divorcees

It’s incredible to think, in our day and age of career women out there in the trenches, fighting right alongside men for jobs and important positions, that so many women are still out there with no money management skills whatsoever, and that when these women divorce, this lacking skills set can cost them dearly. This is especially true in times of recession, and even with an expert Colorado divorce and family law attorney, the ability to be se... Read More

Divorcing an Invalid Spouse

Many people think of divorce and family law attorneys like wolves at the doorstep, waiting to pounce upon the former spouses of their clients like a meal.  They see attorneys as sensitive to the needs of their clients, but largely callous to and outside of the difficulties faced by the couple involved in the split. Most people don’t ever think of the more painful faultless divorce proceedings that cannot fail to touch anyone involved, issues t... Read More

Divorcees Fear for Their Safety

The War of the Roses, starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas, centers around a couple who after many years deeply in love, one day discover that their love has gone, and this indifference, through a bitter divorce proceeding, turns to hate which eventually ends up fatal for both of them. The black comedy is framed through the efforts of the Roses’ divorce attorney, portrayed by Danny DiVito, attempting to mediate a new divorce proceeding ... Read More

Sara Evans Claims Anderson Cooper Was a Divorce Weapon

Popular country singer Sara Evans has obtained a restraining order against her ex-husband Craig Schelske as part of the embattled duo’s ongoing custody battle. Her claim is that when Schelske was a guest on Anderson Cooper several weeks ago, he used the platform not only in violation of an injunction against publicly bashing Evans, but as a weapon that caused harm to their children; harm which will, the singer claims, be “irreparable.” Stor... Read More

Divorce Feud between Husband, Wife…and Sister-in-Law?

The owners of Greenwich Village restaurant Agave have erupted into all-out divorce war…over the family dog. And this isn’t even where the issue gets really odd. The war began when the husband’s sister filed a claim of ownership over the family dog. So much for the idea that your Colorado divorce attorney represents just the spouse or spouses in a split (yes, we know, Greenwich Village is in New York; allow us a little liberty!) The claim... Read More

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