It’s incredible to think, in our day and age of career women out there in the trenches, fighting right alongside men for jobs and important positions, that so many women are still out there with no money management skills whatsoever, and that when these women divorce, this lacking skills set can cost them dearly. This is especially true in times of recession, and even with an expert Colorado divorce and family law attorney, the ability to be self-sufficient is still problematic for many women.

We tend to think that we have, at least to some degree, advanced beyond the days of a woman’s place being in the home, but the reality is that even in a world where women have the opportunity to be anything from a corporate CEO to a Presidential Candidate, there are still huge numbers of women who are homemakers and stay-at-home moms.

Certainly numbers of men who perform these duties are on the rise as well, but it’s alarming how many women come out of their divorce proceedings and face the potential loss of their home and assets due to a lack of training in how to manage their own finances. They and their family law attorneys may have won the battle for alimony and child custody, but once the money is there, they just don’t know how to handle it.

Women nowadays face greater burdens than in the past as well—couples tend to live far beyond their means in today’s society and debt burdens rack up in ways most can’t even imagine. That is, until they go through divorce proceedings.

The economic climate in which we live has made divorce more complicated than ever. On the upshot, this has resulted in divorce rates dropping dramatically, and of family law attorneys taking on a new role: that of mediators who can actually help couples stay together.