So you’re going through, or have just recently gone through, a difficult divorce. The dust is settling, your Colorado divorce and family law attorneys have done their job and seen to it that your rights were protected and you got your just due, and now you’re looking to the future. The problem is, it’s a bit scary, and it has to be a little depressing.

You put a lot of work into your relationship, a partnership that you went into with every intention of it being a forever union, and before you knew it, there were arguments, child custody battles, divorce attorneys, angry words, and court battles. Now it’s all over, and you’re looking for solace. You hear that a new novel is being released that details the pain and shame of divorce.

Why, you ask yourself, would you ever want to read about the pain you just went through?

The truth is, there’s a lot of reasons to read a book like this after the dust clears. Reading about the difficult experiences someone else had going through divorce—even a fictional character—can make you feel a little less alone. It can make you feel that at least there is someone out there who feels the way that you do, who understands.

It’s a little bit like watching home movies of a deceased loved one. The memories help you feel a bit better. In the same way, reading that someone else had an experience similar to yours can make you feel better. You’re not alone. There are those out there who understand, and that can be a very comforting thought. It can, in fact, be just the sort of thing that makes it easier for you to move on and face your future with a bold, new face.

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