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Dropping the Bomb: I Didn’t Know There Was a Problem!

There’s an old cliché that the husband is always the last to know.  This goes hand in hand with the similar cliché that men are clueless when it comes to relationship issues. As many Colorado divorce and family law attorneys can tell you, there’s something of a grain of truth behind these clichés, especially when it comes to divorce. For many men out there, the news that the wife wants a divorce is like a 50-kiloton nuclear bomb going ... Read More

Opportunities in Divorce: Words of Wisdom

Colorado divorce lawyers have a difficult and complex job, though one that is vitally important.  The duties of a Colorado family law attorney go far beyond simply fighting for the rights of the client, or mediating family law issues. Divorce attorneys have to also act as confidantes, partners, and to some degree counselors, offering words of comfort and (we hope) wisdom to clients who are going through one of the most difficult periods with whi... Read More

Does Divorce Reduce Your Life Expectancy?

Every year in the United States, nearly two million people are affected by the pain of a divorce. In recent years, a slew of studies have been performed to examine the effects divorce can have on the life expectancy of those involved—results have been largely mixed, but now a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Arizona has put together all of the evidence from these divergent studies and the new, combined results have been... Read More

Kris Humphries Claims Fraud, Files for Annulment from Marriage to Kim Kardashian.

Despite an existing prenuptial agreement, NBA star Kris Humphries is gearing up for what is doubtless going to be a long and hard-fought legal battle against heiress and reality TV-star Kim Kardashian, filing for an annulment and suing on the grounds that their 72-day marriage was nothing but a fraud. Though not generally in such high profile, this kind of battle is one that many Colorado divorce attorneys have faced, and it can often represent a... Read More

As the Holidays Approach, Think of the Kids

Colorado divorce and family law attorneys have to watch, withstand, and get caught in the middle of a great deal of heartache, pain, and stress as they act as mediators and litigators in difficult divorce proceedings every day.  One thing that all parties should always try to keep in mind is that there are innocent victims to many divorces, these being the children of the separating parties.  Child custody battles can be the most bitter and dif... Read More

Can Delaying Divorce Save Marriages, or Is It a Recipe for Disaster?

Over half of all marriages end in divorce. This phrase has gone beyond being a simple statistic. It’s gone beyond a warning for young couples entering into matrimony. It’s reached the stage where most people in the U.S. consider it a simple great truism. If you get married, you’ve got a 50-50 shot at success—not odds that most professional Vegas gamblers would take. Divorce has become such a mainstay in our society that divorce lawyers in... Read More

The Stay-at-Home-Mom: Coping with Divorce

Colorado divorce attorneys see this all the time, and if I may state the painfully obvious for a moment, divorce is a traumatic event that carries serious repercussions to any family. It’s painful, it’s stressful, and it’s probably the most life-changing event through which any person can go. But for a stay-at-home mom, it can be even worse. What do you do when your marriage ends, and you realize that you’ve now got children to support... Read More

The Obesity Epidemic Hits Divorce – Parents Blamed for Fat Kids?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to say that the United States is immersed in an epidemic of obesity. By some estimates, we are the second-fattest country in the world, just behind Australia. Other estimates have us first. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what our ranking is—we’re a fat country. What is shocking even to Colorado family law attorneys, however, is that this epidemic of obesity is finding its way into divorce cases. ... Read More

Kim Kardashian Wants Divorce Kept out of Reality TV

Celebrity heiress Kim Kardashian is now saying that she wants her all-too-public whirlwind marriage and divorce to and from Kris Humphries kept off of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and other reality television series, saying that she doesn’t feel her marital strife should be “fodder” for such things. It would seem obvious that her lawyers probably feel the same way—it has to be difficult for any qualified family and divorce law attorney... Read More

J. Crew President’s Messy Divorce

So the news is a couple of weeks old, now but J. Crew President and Creative Director Jenna Lyons is involved in a very messy split with her husband, artist Vincent Mazeau, after splitting up this past summer. Colorado divorce and family law attorneys don’t often see cases with this kind of publicity, because Colorado (like most states) doesn’t have a glut of celebrities, but they are fascinating to watch play out nevertheless. We certainl... Read More

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