Colorado divorce attorneys see this all the time, and if I may state the painfully obvious for a moment, divorce is a traumatic event that carries serious repercussions to any family. It’s painful, it’s stressful, and it’s probably the most life-changing event through which any person can go. But for a stay-at-home mom, it can be even worse.

What do you do when your marriage ends, and you realize that you’ve now got children to support, but no steady source of income? Certainly you may have gotten an alimony settlement, and probably have gotten some child support in the outing, but that’s not going to be enough, nor is it intended to be.

A recent article in the Huffington Post outlines a good strategy with a lot of excellent advice for stay-at-home moms who suddenly find that they might not be able to stay at home anymore, following the dissolution of their marriage. Some of the more salient points that the article presents are:

  • Obtain financial records so you can prove your financial need
  • Meet with a financial planner
  • Know how alimony works, and learn about child support laws
  • Make a plan

The article goes on, expounding on each of these points and giving advice on how to cope with this scary new next stage in your life. But it isn’t strong enough on one important point: know that you can depend on your family law attorney. A divorce lawyer’s job doesn’t end with the signing of papers dissolving the union and dividing property. It is the job of a good divorce and family law attorney to stick with their client and be sensitive to your needs as long as you require. A good divorce attorney can not only get you a fair settlement, but can help you plan for your independent future as well.

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